Photobucket Avery Michael Cortes
Filipino | Eighteen

Everything we’ve been through together, all of it couldn’t have been for nothing.

I don’t want us to fade away…

It’d be such bullshit if what we had ended like this.

I’ve been too eager and been blinded to realize that all I’m doing is pushing you away. I apologize… I was scared of loosing you and us fading away. It’s never hit me like it has now. I’m making a promise to you and to myself I can go through with this. Just please don’t forget about us and what we had. If this is what it’ll take then, that’s all I can do. This is going to be hard either way. But I just hope it leads us back to one another…

It just wouldn’t stop on the car ride home.

Good balling, good food, AND the Lakers won a nail biter. Hanging out with you tonight would’ve ended what seemed like to be a perfect day, guess not. Good day, shitty ending.

I miss talking about all the specific details on how your day was, telling & listening to everything all at the same time. After a long day I could always rely on hearing your voice, relieving all the stress and problems. Falling asleep on the phone, the silence knowing your still there, the sound of your laugh. As stupid as it sounds, it makes the nights easier for me. All i can do is bottle everything in now. I miss having someone to rely on…